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Condenser air is removed by drawing cooled air from the room creating a negative pressure in the room and pulling in dust, dirt, humidity and unconditioned air.   Condenser air is isolated to the attic, cold air is re-circulated and re-cooled. Full unit capacity is available; cold air is not removed from the room.
Many spot coolers claim to be portable air conditioners, but in fact they are not. To be an air conditioner, the condenser's inlet must be isolated from the conditioned space. In other words, if the unit only has one condenser duct (an outlet) then it is a spot cooler.....not air conditioning!!

PortaTemp's unique I/O Integral Condenserâ„¢ system brings in air from an outside source to cool its condenser and then returns the hot air to an outside source, totally isolating the condenser section from the conditioned space. Other spot coolers cool their condensers by utilizing cold air from the room. This creates a negative pressure (vacuum)  in the room which sucks in dust, dirt, humidity and hot air from under doors, cracks in the ceiling tile.......anywhere! This is a very poor environment for any type of equipment. Because these types of units use room air to cool their condensers, their effective capacity is greatly reduced.





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